White Witch Winter Rollerball Necklace Collection

White Witch Winter Collection by Bead and Bones

The White Witch winter rollerball necklace collection are the very first pieces of 2020. Inspired by glimmering tones of gold and silver to celebrate the New Year. Premium Golden Rutilated Quartz are paired with my signature Nocturnal designs. Included by popular demand are new Mini Nocturnals rollerball necklaces, now with an even more beautiful starry sky. White Witch also includes Crystal Ball perfume bottle necklaces with both Guardian Owls and Mystic Hands. Each charm clutches a crystal ball to bring good fortune for the future.

Nevermore with Golden Rutilated Quartz Rollerball Necklaces

Rollerball necklace with golden rutilated quartz

About Nocturnal

New skies feature an even more dazzling array stars than ever before. Accented with owls, crescent moons, and creeping vines, the White Witch rollerball necklaces are my most magical. An embossed effect creates the illusion that the stars are glowing while the trees are lit with moonlight. This collection of four Nocturnals are mostly made with .999 fine silver, resulting in the highest heirloom quality.rollerball_necklace_for_essential_oils

About Golden Rutilated Quartz

Paired with the most stunning Golden Rutilated Quartz, White Witch is one of my most breathtaking collections. Each of the crystals in this collection has heavy premium Gold Rutile inclusions. Specimens of this size, quality, and color are very hard to find. Golden Rutilated Quartz is made of quartz crystal with inclusions a thread-like titanium dioxide called gold rutile, therefore it is also referred to as the Hairs of Venus.Rollerball Necklaces with Brass Accents and Vines

Golden Rutilated Quartz is thought to work within all chakras as well as clears energy blockages. Rutilated Quartz has a high level of energy. It is said to harmonize the body with the mind, therefore bringing stability and balance. It is often used as a link between the Root and Crown Chakras. Rutilated Quartz is believed to also enhance the ability to make clear decisions and self-reliance. Golden Rutilated Quartz is often used in meditation to connect with higher realms of consciousness and spirit guides.essential oil rollerball necklaces

The glowing warmth of Golden Rutilated Quartz against shimmering silver create the perfect pairing for the New Year. Decorative vines with leaves or blossoms wind up the crystals with the largest bases. Adding more dimension and detail, these two are my personal favorite. A touch of brass adds a beautiful contrast with tiny leaves. A fine silver vine pins the tiniest of flowers to the bail. The climbing vines are an elegant yet fanciful touch with just the right amount of whimsy. Be still my witchy heart!

Nocturnal Mini Rollerball Necklaces

Mini Nocturnal rollerball necklaces are back by popular demand! Now with the new extra star spangled sky. I’ve stuck with tradition, creating a dark and mysterious forest. A solid sterling silver version has never before been offered. Alternatively offered are brass accents. Both versions look magnificent with colored glass. Versatile and simple, this necklace is a fan favorite.

Crystal Ball Perfume Bottle Necklaces

Perfume Bottle Necklace

Crystal ball perfume bottle necklaces inspired by my deep love of antique jewelry. Available in Guardian Owl or Mystic Hand. Each charm securely clutches a solid quartz bottle. These solid bottles have solid brass threads. I have added a hammered silver product wand for perfumes or essential oils. My mixed metal crystal ball perfume bottle necklaces are super durable. They look outstanding alone or in layers. You’re sure to love these!

How To Get One

Bead and Bones makes everything meticulously by hand. Every stone is personally curated, each design begins life as a hand drawn work of art. Crystals require a custom-fit bezel. All seams are flawlessly removed. Solder joins are nearly imperceptible. Collections have been known to sell out in minutes and only 1-2 collections are produced within a month. I give exclusive early access to members of The Coven newsletter. Join today and get notifications about the next upcoming collection!