Rollerball Necklace

Dandelion, Fern, and Monstera Rollerball Necklaces in Sterling Silver.

The Witch in The Woods Rollerball Necklaces by Bead and Bones

The Witch in The Woods Rollerball Necklaces are the very first of their kind! You’ve never seen rollerball necklaces like these. Using a combination of my artistic skills, printmaking knowledge, and jewelry design, I’ve created truly unique and original rollerball necklaces. I’m so proud to share these with you! They are truly my soul in small art form. This collection features artworks inspired by some of my favorite things around my Rocky Mountain studio. Ferns, Dandelions, Monstera, Planchettes, and Mysterious Moonlit Forests on brass and sterling silver. Quartz crystal and druzies sparkle throughout The Witch in The Woods.

Ouija with Druzy Rollerball Necklaces

rollerball necklace


Spiritualism gripped America in 1848 when spiritualist parlors swept across the nation. The idea was nothing new and already widely popular in Europe. The Ouija board came about as a simple means of communication between the known and the unknown. Before the invention of the Ouija board, people using various homemade methods of spiritual communication; pendulums, Morse code, and divination cloths being popular. It was Kennard Novelty Company that first developed what is known today as the Ouija board in 1890. Marketed as a board game, the Ouija board became wildly popular. Adding to the mystery, it is said that the Ouija board selected it’s own name when asked what it wished to be called. When the maker’s then asked what “O-U-I-J-A” meant, the board replied, “Good luck.”

Mini Ouija Rollerball Necklaces

Ouija boards were originally highly decorative and made of wood. Inspired by the beautiful artwork, I have recreated it in sterling silver and brass. My Ouija board design can be found in two different versions, a rollerball necklace necklace with druzy or a mini rollerball necklace. The Druzy Ouija rollerball necklace has stunning Swarovskis and sparkling druzy core. The Mini Ouija rollerball necklace has a tiny detailed bail that reads “Goodbye”. It’s all about the details!

Mini Fern, Dandelion, Monstera, and Willow

Rollerball necklace


The next designs in The Witch in The Woods are all plants which have a special place in my heart. If they are not found on the land that I live, they are found growing in a pot in my studio. Ferns do not grow in many places in Colorado, but one grows in my window! A very beautiful Deer Foot which served as inspiration for my Fern design. Ferns are special to me because I grew up in Washington state and have a deep love of old-growth forests. Similarly, dandelions were an integral part of my childhood. Everyone can remember sending wishes into the sky! I can also remember collecting pussy willows with my grandfather down by the river and my grandmother’s over-sized indoor Monstera. You could say this botanical collection of mini rollerball necklaces is extremely nostalgic!

Signature Black Forest Rollerball Necklaces

Original Rollerball Necklace

The tree and moon design is the Original etched Rollerball Necklace from Bead and Bones.


My signature design in The Witch of The Woods collection is Black Forest. This design hearkens back to both the pine forests of the Pacific Northwest as well as the Black Forest of Nothern Colorado. A beautiful forest wraps completely around the cap, below a starry sky with crescent moon. Each one is crowned with a gleaming quartz crystal. A dark forest makes me feel the most at home. I find inspiration in the meandering trails, deep underbrush, and slanted beams of silver moonlight. I am The Witch in The Woods.

How To Get One

Bead and Bones collections are very unique and have been known to sell out in minutes. Each stone is hand selected, every piece of art is drawn and applied meticulously by hand. I take my time, which is why I can only produce 1-2 new collections a month. As a result, you get insanely beautiful pieces with permanently set caps, invisible seams, nearly imperceptible soldering, and perfectly set stones. Elegant and functional. Stunning and durable. Unique and original. You will feel my love in these pieces. To know about the most recent collection and availability, join The Coven newsletter.