The Love Witch Rollerball Necklaces by Bead and Bones

Learn all about the inspiration behind my most recent collection of rollerball necklaces, The Love Witch. If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you may have notice a few hints about who I really am! The plethora of funny goth/witch memes? The theme among every movie that I talk about is horror and cult classic. Yet, I find solace among nature. I connect strongly with the moon. I’m an absolute nerd, bookworm, and history buff. I love pink and sparkly things just like any self-respecting 90s child. I play video games when I’m not making jewelry (Fallout and Elder Scrolls being my favorite).

Moonstruck with Amethyst and Fringe Rollerball Necklaces

Amethyst Rollerball Necklace

About Valentine’s Day

Consequently when it comes to commercial holidays, it should come as no surprise that I don’t connect well with them. From a historical standpoint, I love the backstories behind holidays a lot more than the holiday itself. Like did you know Valentine’s Day is based off the Roman Pagan holiday, Lupercalia? Yeah, that’s real. Not just from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! It later became appropriated by the Christians to celebrate the martyrdom of St. Valentine, put to death for helping men escape military enrollment by marrying couples. At the time, only unmarried men were allowed to be recruited for war. The letters sent to St. Valentine while imprisoned would later become known as the first Valentines. See what I mean? The backstory is a lot cooler than cards, chocolate, and frilly red hearts.

Moonstruck with Rose Quartz and Fringe

Rose Quartz Rollerball Necklace

The Love Witch Inspiration

While searching my soul for a way to connect with a holiday that is not typically my aesthetic, I began referencing my insane horror film collection. You might not know this, but film and television often inspire my work… just usually not in a literal sense. That’s when it hit me… The Love Witch!! If you have not seen this film, I do recommend. It’s an instant indie cult classic made to look as though shot in the 1960s. It might not be for everyone, but if you love campy vintage-inspired horror films with slightly crazy witches in some of the most gorgeous fashion then The Love Witch is for you. You’ll see how I draw inspiration from its vintage themes, heavy use of pinks and purples, lace layered garments, antique potion bottles, and witchcraft.

Love Potion with Amethyst

Poison Bottle Rollerball Necklace

About Love Potion

I’ve been looking for a good excuse to break out some pink and purple, two colors that I love by don’t typically design with. I spoke out to my professional lapidarist to find out if she could source some high-quality Amethyst and Rose Quartz, the kind with really deep color. I couldn’t have been happier with the result! Each one is custom cut especially for The Love Witch collection. These are not your average tumbled stones. I’ve found that the smallest crystals tend to not bring in a lot of money for crystal sellers, so finding extremely high quality ones can be very hard. They are often not cut with care or really even intended for jewelry. You won’t find crystals better than these! Each one is like a swirling kaleidoscope of color.

Love Potion with Rose Quartz

Antique Poison Bottle Necklace

About Moonstruck

First of the designs in The Love Witch collection is Moonstruck. Moonstruck is made especially for the moon-obsessed! Featuring a stunning moon phase, this rollerball necklace has either with a deep purple Amethyst or Rose Quartz. Studded with stars and realistic moons, the Moonstruck rollerball necklaces are my very first fringe designs. This fringe catches light, is easy to wear, and is inspired by chain fringe designs of the 1920s.

Vintage Lace with Amethyst

Handmade Amethyst Rollerball Necklace

About Love Potion

Next design in the lineup is Love Potion. Inspired by my antique apothecary bottle collection, my Love Potion is sure to kill! Be sure to check your labels carefully. This baby is paired with a particularly wicked Amethyst or innocent Rose Quartz. Beware! For those who like a little sweet with their sour, she’s a Love Potion with a punch.

Vintage Lace with Rose Quartz

About Vintage Lace

Finally, the last design within the collection is Vintage Lace. Vintage Lace is inspired by the drool-worthy Gunne Sax dresses of the 1960s. Within the wrap around lace design you can find tiny hearts in honor of Valentine’s day. A coordinating cabochon sits on the front. Amethyst features a stunning amethyst, while Rose Quartz features a dreamy Mangano Pink Calcite.

How To Get My Rollerball Necklaces

Bead and Bones makes everything meticulously by hand. Every stone is personally curated, each design begins life as a hand drawn work of art. Crystals require a custom-fit bezel. All seams are flawlessly removed. Solder joins are nearly imperceptible. Collections have been known to sell out in minutes and only 1-2 collections are produced within a month. I give exclusive early access to members of The Coven newsletter. Join today and get notifications about the next upcoming collection!