Rollerball Necklaces in Brass and Silver

.925 Sterling Silver and Jeweler’s Brass Rollerball Necklaces designed by Bead and Bones

The Final Harvest Rollerball Necklaces by Bead and Bones

The Final Harvest collection features rollerball necklaces dripping with the golden goodness of late Summer. In the Rockies, the Sunflowers keep their blooms until the hottest months which are usually August to early September. During this time the bees flock to their sunny blossoms and begin their final harvest. As a result, several dozen species descend upon the flowers, gathering their pollen. The Final Harvest features yummy citrine, carnelian, and honey calcite reminiscent of Summer.

The Queen Bee

bee rollerball necklace

Rollerball necklace featuring queen bee design and citrine.

The first design in The Final Harvest is The Queen Bee. Bees are a symbol of family and honor. The bee is also commonly associated with the feminine, fertility, abundance, and motherhood. The queen bee is almost always the sole survivor during winter months. She is the one to build the new hive come spring. She is the symbol of renewal, strength, and valor. A hive cannot survive without a queen. You will find this beautiful symbol in both a mini rollerball necklace or a citrine crystal crown.

Honey Child

honeycomb rollerball necklace

Rollerball Necklace with honeycomb design in jeweler’s brass.

The next design in The Final Harvest collection is Honey Child. The perfect structure of the honeycomb created expertly by the humble bee is certainly a natural marvel. Bees raise their young inside honeycomb therefore are often a symbol of children and family. The honeycomb represents the hard-earned nectar gained through work and represents prosperity. We often forget to enjoy the fruits of our labor, so I like to fill mine with Honey Absolute or a dash of Amber. You can find this stunning geometric design in a mini rollerball necklace or a Honey Calcite drop.


sunflower rollerball necklace

Rollerball Necklace featuring sunflower design with carnelian.

The last design in The Final Harvest is Sunflower. Helianthus is the scientific name for Sunflower. Helia for Sun and Anthus for Flower. Sunflowers follow the movement of the sun across the sky in a process known as heliotropism. Sunflowers are the symbol of longevity, loyalty, and adoration. They are often associated with joy and the sense of happiness. You will find the adorable Sunflower design in a mini rollerball necklace or a mini Carnelian crystal crown.

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