Steal My Third Hand System

If you’ve ever seen my rotating third hand system on social media and wanted it for yourself… I have great news! It’s really nothing fancy, just a bit of creative ingenuity and magnets. Below you will find all the things needed to create the same soldering system as mine— however, I highly recommend shopping around for third hands and 12″ rotating soldering pans if you can. The best price on third hands and 12″ annealing pans can be found at Rio Grande, but you do need a business license to purchase. Not everyone has the option of shopping at a jewelry wholesalers, however, so I did find all the items needed through Amazon as an alternative. All in all, this project will run about $200 if you were to purchase everything through Amazon. If you already have a rotating soldering pan you can absolutely use the one you already have. The tray will simply sit on top and magnetize to the rim of the pan until you’re ready to remove it. My rotating system may not be practical for most small operations but I highly recommend it for anyone who is doing batch production!

You will need:

  • 1- 12″ steel pizza tray
  • 18- cross locking tweezers with stands
  • 18- strong magnets
  • 1- 6″ magnetic parts tray
  • 1- 12″ rotating annealing/soldering pan.