My Rollerball Necklace Info

My Rollerball Necklace Info

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With the quality and popularity of my jewelry pieces I have racked up

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You can learn more about where I get my crystals, My metals and about the techniques I use to make my Essential Oil Rollerball Necklaces by pressing the button below.

How To Order Your Rollerball Necklace


Rollerball Necklace with Amethyst Druzy

Brass Rollerball Necklace with Amethyst Druzy and Ouija Design.

Bead and Bones Rollerball Necklace for essential oils

  1. BEFORE YOU ORDER: Join The Coven newsletter for early access. Notice how I am sold out? This way you get updates about new rollerball necklace collections before anyone else. The Coven email list gets 1 hour early access to all my releases! Since the releases sell out so quickly this is the best way to make sure you dont miss out.

Below you will find details which will help you order the best necklace possible.

All of these options are easily chosen from the product listing for each necklace.

We’ll discuss chain lengths as they relate to chakras, crystal energies, and features of your Bead and Bones necklace.

The ordering process will look like this.

  1. Determine which crystal is right for you using our guide chart listed below
  2. Select the perfect crystal from the dropdown menu on the product listing
  3. Refer to the product photos to determine which size and color bottle you love
  4. Select your ideal bottle size from the product dropdown menu
  5. Select your favorite necklace bottle color from the dropdown menu to customize your look
  6. Determine which rollerball chain length is ideal with the help of our chakra guide below
  7. Select your preferred necklace chain length from the product dropdown menu
  8. Add your customized Elixir necklace to your cart & complete checkout
  9. Leave us a review after your item arrives! It makes a real human very, very happy. Should you need any assistance with your order, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Get Replacement Bottles

Get Your Backup Bottles

Pick A Crystal Energy

Our crystals are charged once a month under the light of the full moon and receive an energy cleansing just prior to shipping. Select the crystal that best suits your needs:

✧ Clarity
✧ Protection
✧ Energy

✧ Wealth
✧ Positivity
✧ Joy

Rose Quartz
✧ Love
✧ Self-Love
✧ Forgiveness

✧ Balance
✧ Calm
✧ Peace


Chain Lengths

My Essential Oil Rollerball Necklace with Owl

Sterling silver essential oil rollerball necklace with signature design and brass owl.

Focus your crystal’s energy at the chakra you need most with a targeted rollerball chain length:

✧ Throat Chakra (16” – 18”) – expression, communication, spirituality, creative flow
✧ Heart Chakra (20” – 22”) – love, trust, compassion, forgiveness
✧ Solar Plexus Chakra (24” – 26”)- personal power, self love, confidence
✧ Sacral Chakra (28” – 30”) – passion, intimacy, creative fire, emotional intuition

Artisan Silversmithing

When you purchase a piece of Artisan made jewelry, you are purchasing a small part of an artist’s soul. That means high-quality and attention to detail not found in typical stores. Detailed below you will find a list of my quality hallmarks, which indicate you own a genuine Bead and Bones piece:

A .925 sterling silver quality stamp
✧ Imperceptible solder seams
✧ Leak-resistant internal threads
✧ Exceptionally clean construction
✧ A professional tumbled bright polish
✧ Sturdy solid sterling silver chain

Crystals And Gems Have Natural Variations

Please note: These are one of a kind, genuine, perfectly imperfect crystals. Each stone is completely unique and yours.

The color, level of inclusion, and clarity varies from stone to stone. If you have a special request for color, shape, or clarity, please message me. That link can be found in the menu above.

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