Return of The Witch Essential Oil Rollerball Necklaces

Witchy Rollerball Necklaces featuring Onyx, Phantom Quartz, and Black Tourmalinated Quartz.

Return of The Witch Rollerball Necklaces by Bead and Bones

The Return of The Witch collection features rollerball necklaces inspired by my love of Victorian Gothic. Heavy notes of Edgar Allan Poe, haunting Victorian mansions, dark forests, and Spiritualism create the stunning Return of The Witch collection. As the days grow shorter and the weather more crisp, a sense of both nostalgia and whimsy fills my soul and has come forth in one of my most favorite bodies of work. Having freshly hand selected new stones for the coming year, Return of the Witch features completely one of a kind crystals like Phantom Quartz, Black Onyx, and Black Tourmalinated Quartz.


Essential Oil Rollerball Necklace with Onyx

Sterling Silver rollerball necklace with Black Onyx crystal.


The first design in Return of The Witch is Nevermore. This design is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem, “The Raven.” Ravens are additionally considered a symbol of prophecy, intelligence, and an aptitude for learning quickly. Ravens also symbolize mysticism and magical ways. Ravens are one of the smartest animals in the world, can imitate human speech, will use tools, expresses empathy, and will remember those that help them. Once thought of as an ill omen, Ravens are strikingly beautiful and represent divination.

Essential Oil Rollerball Necklace with Crystal Cauldron

Sterling Silver Rollerball Necklace with Mini Quartz Crystal Cauldron.

Crystal Energy

Black onyx has been a highly prized material used to adorn warriors for protection, ceremonies and burials, and even scrying and magical work. Black Onyx is associated with the root chakra and is considered both a stone of protection, release, and calm. Meditating with Black Onyx is thought to reveal your inner hidden truths. You can find Nevermore with Onyx available here.

Quartz crystal is considered the master healing stone. It is a prism for pure, white light energy. Quartz is known to work within all chakras and is considered both a stone of manifestation, amplification, and healing. Meditating with Quartz Crystal is thought to cleanse negativity and attune your highest self. You can find Nevermore with Mini Quartz Crystal Cauldron here.


Essential Oil Necklace with Phantom Quartz

Sterling silver rollerball necklace with Phantom Quartz and Graveyard.


The next design in Return of The Witch is Haunted. A haunting Victorian mansion sits surrounded by a graveyard filled with crosses and headstones. Small messages adorn several headstones and each is overgrown with blades of grass. Bitty bats fly across a starry night sky as a solitary crescent moon shines. No haunted house is complete without a Phantom and a few bats in the belfry! Bats traditionally represent rebirth and renewal as they cycle from within the deep belly of the earth into the night sky.

Rollerball Necklace with Quartz and Bat

Sterling Silver Rollerball Necklace with Quartz Crystal and Baby Bat.

Crystal Energy

Phantom quartz form when minerals wash over the crystal during it’s development. As it grows, it leaves a “phantom” of it’s old form behind, giving these unique crystals their mountain-like form. As a member of the quartz family, Phantom Quartz works within all chakras and is considered both a stone of growth, transformation, and evolution. Meditating with Phantom Quartz is thought to invoke peace and healing. You can find Haunted with Phantom Quartz here.

More details about the energy of Quartz Crystal can be found above. You can find Haunted with Mini Quartz Crystal and Baby Bat here.


Essential Oil Roller Bottle Necklace with Black Tourmalinated Quartz

Sterling silver rollerball essential oil roller bottle necklace featuring a Black Tourmalinated Quartz and nighttime forest scene.


The next design in Return of The Witch is Nocturnal. A new rendition of my signature design, Nocturnal features a striking brass moon and hunting owl. Owls often represent ancient knowledge, magic, and mystery. The intrinsic tie between the moon and owls also represents feminine energy and wisdom. Larger stars have been added, accenting the dainty handmade moons. The trees wrap completely around to create the perfect dark forest. 

Rollerball Necklace with Owl For Essential Oils

Sterling silver rollerball necklace with signature design and brass owl.

Crystal Energy

You can find Nocturnal with rare Black Tourmalinated Quartz here. You can find Nocturnal with owl available here. You can also find Nocturnal in a mini rollerball necklace here.



Planchette Rollerball Necklace with Crystal

Sterling silver planchette rollerball necklace with crystal quartz.


The last design in Return of The Witch is Ouija. Back by popular demand, Ouija features the traditional artwork of a classic spirit board with planchette. Ouija became popularized during the Victorian Spiritualist movement as a result of general interest in both science and supernatural. With the advent of modern technologies brought about by Industrialization, people became widely interested in explaining the unknown. The Ouija board was created as a device to communicate with the spirit realm.

Mini Rollerball Necklace with Planchette

Sterling silver or brass mini rollerball necklaces with classic ouija and planchette design.

Crystal Energy

You can find several crystals available in this design, including quartz, labradorite, and druzy. Each piece has additional details about the crystal energies located within the listing. Ouija is also available as a mini rollerball necklace in both brass and sterling silver. You can find mini rollerball necklaces here. You can find druzies available here or  labradorite available here. You can also find Ouija with Quartz Crystal in sterling silver here.

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