Return of the Witch 2022



Return of The Witch features my most requested designs of all time with my top-selling crystals in a variety of spooky colors! This is by far my most popular collection every year and contains some of my personal favorites. Return of the Witch rollerball necklaces are inspired by my love of Victorian Gothic with heavy notes of Edgar Allan Poe, haunted Victorian mansions, spiritualism, and delicate spiderweb lace. As the days grow shorter and the weather more crisp, a sense of whimsical nostalgia fills my soul and inspires my most favorite pieces of artwork. Return of the Witch includes premium grade Vera Cruz Amethyst, super rare Fire Quartz, natural Emerald, and glossy black Onyx.



Nevermore is one of my most requested designs and is truly a fantastic piece for year-round. This design was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem, “The Raven.” Ravens are a symbol of prophecy and intelligence with an aptitude for quick learning. Ravens in dreams often represent mysticism and magical pathways for hidden knowledge. In reality, Ravens are one of the smartest animals in the world— imitating human speech, using tools, expressing empathy, and remembering those that assist them or offer kindness. Once thought of as an ill omen, Ravens have had a recent resurgence in popularity thanks to social media. Ironically, ravens are highly social creatures and I like to think they’d approve since they seem to appreciate a good joke!

Haunted is always a top seller during spooky season! Maybe it’s the tiny graveyard, complete with a headstone in the year 2022. Or maybe it’s the tiny bats. Bats traditionally represent rebirth and renewal as they cycle from within the deep belly of the earth and into the night sky. Haunted features a classic Victorian mansion surrounded by a graveyard filled with tiny crosses and headstones. Small messages adorn several headstones, overgrown with blades of grass. Bitty bats fly about a miniature dagger moon. No haunted house is complete without a few bats in the belfry!

Seance is not only one of my most requested designs but is also a personal favorite. Back by popular demand for three years running, Seance features the traditional artwork of a classic spirit board and planchette. Seances and Ouija boards became popularized during the Victorian Spiritualist movement as a result of general interest in both science and supernatural. With the advent of modern technologies brought about by Industrialization, people became widely interested in explaining the unknown. Having recently lost many family members during the Spanish Influenza, The Ouija board was created as a device to communicate with the spirit realm.

Guardian is a brand-new design for Return of the Witch! Talismans depicting the human eye became heavily popularized during the Victorian era as a symbol of affection. Tiny portraits of a loved ones’ singular eye painted upon porcelain and set into jewelry was the pinnacle of aristocratic fashion. These sentimental baubles were colloquially known as the Lover’s Eye and were often surrounded by gemstones imbued with symbolism. For example, pearls may represent purity while red coral symbolizes protection. In a style paying homage to the traditional Lover’s Eye, the Guardian features highly detailed irises sandwiched between corneas of borosilicate glass and a sclera of high grade porcelain. These glass eyeballs are incredible durable and very realistic— seeming to gaze into your soul! Similar to the Lover’s Eye of old, each Guardian has been combined with a unique gemstone energy saturated with symbolism.

Gothic Lace is definitely one of the most beloved of my Lace designs! Every collection features a different Lace, which are hands-down my most desired designs ever. The Laces almost always sell out before any other piece. Each Lace is inspired by the theme and typically features hidden imagery. Laces are seamless, highly detailed, and always feature a stunning unique stone on the face. Gothic Lace is inspired by the traditional Victorian method of hand tatting lace. Durable laces were formed using a series of knots and loops, typically made by either a small handheld shuttle or needle. Tatting likely developed from decorative rope work and netting fashioned into jewelry created by sailors while at sea for their lovers. In metaphysical circles, knots are widely incorporated into magical workings to bind positive manifestations or to unbind negativity. Within the tiny knots of Gothic lace you will see subtle hints at spiderwebs and traditional Victorian roses.


Black Onyx is a true stone in the chalcedony family, unlike obsidian which is a volcanic glass. The ancient greeks believed that Cupid used his arrows to clip the nails of his mother, Goddess Aphrodite, and as the trimmings fell into the Indus river they turned into black stones with white bands (like the crescent of a fingernail). These stones became known as Onyx. Onyx has long been popular in jewelry, particularly in ancient cameos by carving away layers of black to reveal shades of white. The ancients believed Onyx to be an extremely powerful protector against negative energy. It was thought that an Onyx would become darker as it trapped bad vibes within. According to papyrus scripts, Queen Cleopatra wore a stone of completely black Onyx for its protective properties. During the mourning-wear era of the Victorian age, solid black Onyx became much more popular for it’s glossy, enigmatic surface. To this day, black Onyx is still considered the supreme stone for protection, grounding, and strength.

Vera Cruz Amethyst are rare for their unique colorations and singular locality. Found only in Vera Cruz, Amethyst of this region exhibits outstanding transparency with bands or phantoms ranging from clear, pale violet, to bright purple. The crystals are small and individually cut from a natural crystal rather than being cut into smaller crystals from one massive stone. That means a rarer crystal, a more beautiful formation, and a higher grade of Amethyst. Considered the stone of nobility, Amethyst was one of the most widely used stones in antiquity. Amethyst was once the stone of Kings and Queens and highest religious officials. Purple is historically the rarest color found in nature and due to it’s rarity was often regarded as valuable as Diamond in ancient times. Amethyst was believed to assist prophecy, visions, and bring power and riches to its wearers. Today Amethyst is thought to aide creativity and peaceful sleep, making it a highly regarded crystal among artists, writers, students, and creatives of all variety.

Fire Quartz is extremely rare and considered a prize collector’s crystal. Fire Quartz is also commonly referred to as Harlequin Quartz or sometimes as Hematite/Hematoid Quartz. True Fire Quartz has inclusions of Lepidochrosite, Titanium, and Hematite which display within the Quartz as beautiful red & silver sparkles reminiscent of glitter. Quartz is often associated with the crown chakra while Hematite is the opposite, dealing in the realm of the root chakra. In metaphysical circles it is believed that this unique combination offers balance, reassurance in ourselves, and the ability to project these energies outward. It is said that the internal fire contained within Fire Quartz encourages the wearer to slay their external dragons.

Emerald is a gemstone of the mineral beryl and is green colored through traces of chromium and/or vanadium. Most emeralds are highly included, which accounts for their heavy matrix appearance. The dominant heart of the stone is opaque in shades of pale green to teal. Veins of heavy black are apparent in some specimens more than others. Pockets of druzy-like formations are interspersed throughout. The inclusions and fissures within an emerald are sometimes called jardin (French for garden) due to their their mossy appearance. Imperfections are unique for each emerald and can be used to identify a specific stone, much like a geological fingerprint. It was once famously declared, “All the green of nature is concentrated within the Emerald.” The color of this lush crystal stirs the soul like the heart of spring, symbolizing hope, renewal, and growth. In the metaphysical world, Emerald is called the Stone of Successful Love. It was dedicated in the ancient world to the goddess Venus for its ability to open and nurture the heart. Emerald is also a stone of great vision and intuition, believed to foretell future events and reveal personal truths. Emerald is a favorite among creatives because of its unique ability to align the heart with vision and intuition, giving creative works a spark of vitality and truthfulness.