Strawberry Moon Rollerball Necklace | Pink Flower Agate

Moonstruck is for the moonchildren who gaze up at the moon, no matter the phase. My signature moon phase design was originally created in 2019 and has since started a whole trend of its own! Moonstruck is a realistic wrap-around moon phase with star spangled background and marked with the signature Bead and Bones hallmark. You will marvel at the details captured within the moons. It features the most prominent craters and textures that make our moon so iconic. The moon is considered to be the ultimate symbol of feminine energy. The full moon embodies the potential for creativity while the waxing and waning moons build and release our energies in a cycle of renewal. Moonstruck is a powerful talisman for inspiration and manifestation.

Fringed Rollerball Necklaces feature my signature chain fringe, inspired by the fringe jewelry of the roaring 20’s. Fringe is found in two different styles; either diamond cut chain or bar chain. Each strand is held in perfectly so they’re never out of place! At the end of each chain is a sterling silver teardrop charm.

Crystal Ball Rollerball Necklaces feature my signature spheres permanently post-mounted in the style of fine pearls! Each one is drilled by hand so that it can be fitted with the perfect cup and post. This is a popular technique used by other fine jewelers on pearl jewelry, modified to suit my crystal balls. Each crystal ball is doubly reinforced with a sturdy decorative base, creating my unique floating effect. This crystal ball in particular has also been bejeweled with Swarovski crystals.

The crystal featured on this Rollerball Necklace is Pink Flower Agate. Crystals and stones found within my collections are gem-quality specimens curated by artisanal lapidaries and family operated mines. These crystals were curated especially for my rollerball necklaces.

Pink Flower Agate within the Love Witch collection are exceptionally rich in shades of pink and peach with pale pink and cream plumes. These Pink Flower Agate have been cut and polished by artisans to achieve their beautiful spherical shape. Pink Flower agate is also known as Cherry Blossom Agate because of its tight clusters of inclusions which resemble the bloom of a Cherry tree. To me, this crystal ball looks just like a Strawberry Moon! Its flower-like plumes are thought to encourage growth, much like the spring blossoms. Because of its soft shades of pink, peach, cream, and white, this stone is intrinsically tied to feminine energy. According to metaphysical beliefs, Flower Agate is a stone deeply connected to peace and progress. Flower Agate is thought to aid in emotional healing, encouraging the release of trauma. In metaphysical terms, Flower Agate is believed to help heal emotions, calm nerves, and promote personal growth.

*Essential oils not included

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Strawberry Moon Rollerball Necklace | Pink Flower Agate

Rollerball Necklace Details

Your new necklace will arrive fully customized especially for you. You may choose your chain length, the size of your bottle, and color of glass. A faceted .925 sterling silver chain is included in your specified length. Rollerball necklaces come with your choice of clear, amber, or cobalt bottle. Fringe rollerball necklaces come standard with a 2ml bottle, however, essential oil is not included. Rollerball necklaces are refillable and coupled with a refill/care kit. Your new rollerball necklace arrives in a beautiful foil stamped gift-ready box. Additionally, if you would like to purchase more bottles in other sizes or colors find glass bottles here. Similarly, consider adding extra crystal energy with a gemstone roller bottle here.

  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • A grade hammer set gemstones
  • Permanently bezel set caps
  • Permanently mounted & set crystals
  • Specialty straight-sided faceted crystal bezel
  • Seamless rollerball cap construction
  • Virtually invisible solder joints
  • Matching Solid Chain in Your Specified Length
  • Fits standard 2ml bottles
  • Clear, blue, or amber glass bottle
  • Leak-proof plastic internal threads
  • Exclusive B&B Maker’s Mark
  • Professional high-shine polish
  • Includes refill/care kit
  • Arrives in a beautiful foil stamped box

Bead and Bones jewelry features crystals and cabochons curated from small, family owned mines and artisans. Furthermore, all metal is American milled and scraps recycled back to factory. Each package is beautiful, gift-ready, and eco-friendly. If you have any questions, please message me here.

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Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in
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