Harvest Lace Roller ball Necklace | Hematoid Quartz

The Harvest Lace roller ball necklace with Hematoid Quartz features a stunning crystal filled with glittering red hematite inclusions and matching hexagonal cabochon.

The artwork is my signature lace style featuring leaf and seed imagery indicative of Autumn. The crystal is a gem-quality Hematoid Quartz that has been artisan polished to perfection. The cabochon is an elongated hexagon of matching Hematoid Quartz, cut and polished by a local Colorado artisan.

These crystals were curated especially for my roller ball necklaces. Hematoid Quartz within the Night Witch collection have exceptional glitter-like Hematite inclusions, have gem-quality clarity, and are extremely rare. Hematoid Quartz combines the amplifying properties of Quartz with the balancing and stabilizing properties of Hematite. It is believed to assist in removing negativity but also transforming and transmuting the negative energy into pure love and light.

*Essential oils not included

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in
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1ml, 2ml, 3ml

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