Dreamer | Quartz Crystal Ball | Rollerball Necklace

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Rollerball Necklace Details

  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • A grade hammer set gemstones
  • Permanently bezel set caps
  • Permanently mounted & set stones
  • Permanently post & cup mounted sphere
  • Seamless rollerball cap construction
  • Virtually invisible solder joints
  • Matching Solid Chain in Your Specified Length
  • Fringe pieces fit all 2ml bottles
  • Clear, blue, or amber glass bottle
  • Leak-proof plastic internal threads
  • Exclusive B&B Maker’s Mark
  • Professional high-shine polish

*Essential oils not included

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Dreamer is a stunning design made for the stargazers and moon lovers who stare up at the sky every night. Stars symbolize protection and positivity, emanating pure white light. Fluffy clouds symbolize dreams, celestial realms, and inner consciousness. A waxing crescent moon symbolizes divine feminine energy while encouraging the first steps toward manifestation. When the moon is in her first waxing phase, she is beginning her journey to wholeness. It is ideal to begin new projects, start new adventures, or tackle something challenging during this celestial time. Dreamer is a little slice of your own personal sky, where you can carry the reminder that there is no limit to your dreams.

Crystal Ball Rollerball Necklaces feature my signature spheres permanently post-mounted in the style of fine pearls! Each one is drilled by hand so that it can be fitted with the perfect cup and post. This is a popular technique used by other fine jewelers on pearl jewelry, modified to suit my crystal balls. Each crystal ball is doubly reinforced with a sturdy decorative base, creating my unique floating effect. This crystal ball in particular has also been bejeweled with Swarovski crystals.

Fringed Rollerball Necklaces feature my signature chain fringe, inspired by the fringe jewelry of the roaring 20’s. Fringe is found in two different styles; either diamond cut chain or bar chain. Each strand is held perfectly with tension so they’re never out of place! At the end of each chain is a sterling silver faceted pendulum charm.

The Crystal Ball featured on this Rollerball Necklace is Quartz Crystal. Quartz Crystal within tBead and Bones collections are exceptionally prismatic, have gem-quality clarity, and were inspired by early turn of the century Pools of Light jewelry. A real Quartz Crystal Ball will invert the image behind it when looked through, includes absolutely no bubbles or flaws, and became all the rage in the 1920s. These stunning orbs are frequently called Pools of Light!

Quartz Crystal is not only my most frequently requested stone of all time, but it is also my personal favorite! It pairs beautifully with everything and is thought to enhance the energy of anything within its proximity. In metaphysical circles, Quartz Crystal is considered to be a prism for pure, white light energy. It harnesses and refracts all spectrums of the rainbow! Clear Quartz in combination with any stone amplifies its effects. Quartz is thought to work within all chakras and is ideal for manifestation, amplification, and emotional healing. Meditating with Quartz Crystal is believed to cleanse negativity and attune your highest self.

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Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in
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