Crystal Ball Rollerball Necklace | Pyrite in Quartz

The Harvest Lace crystal ball rollerball necklace with Pyrite in Quartz features a gorgeous Quartz sphere with stunning pyrite nugget inclusions, a touch of Hematite, Pyrite Swarovski crystals, and a sprig of maple with acorns. This necklace also includes a vial of carbon-included Herkimer Diamonds. This fringed rollerball necklace features my signature bar chain fringe with plumb bob charms. The artwork is my signature lace style featuring leaf and seed imagery indicative of Autumn. A sprig of Maple with leaves and acorns branches over the bail. The crystal ball is an exceptionally high-grade Pyrite in Quartz with a touch of Hematite. Below, matching Pyrite colored Swarovskis gleam. The cabochon is a fat drop of matching Pyrite in Quartz, cut and polished by a local Colorado artisan. These crystals were curated especially for my rollerball necklaces. Pyrite in Quartz within the Night Witch collection have exceptional meteor-like Pyrite inclusions, have gem-quality clarity, and are extremely rare. Pyrite in Quartz combines the amplifying properties of Quartz with the balancing and stabilizing properties of Pyrite. Pyrite is believed shield the wearer from negative attacks as well as enhance willpower, optimism, logic, and mental acuity.

*Includes gemstone vial

*Essential oils not included

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in
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