Cosmic Lace | Trapiche Amethyst | Mini Queen Rollerball Necklace

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Rollerball Necklace Details

  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Matching Solid Chain in Your Specified Length
  • 1ml glass bottle in clear, blue, or amber
  • Leak-proof plastic internal threads
  • Seamless rollerball cap construction
  • Virtually invisible solder joints
  • Exclusive B&B Maker’s Mark
  • Professional high-shine polish

*Essential oils not included

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Cosmic Lace is the very last of her kind! Every collection features a different Lace, which are hands-down my most desired designs ever. The Laces almost always sell out before any other piece. Each Lace is inspired by the theme and typically features hidden imagery. Laces are seamless, highly detailed, and always feature a stone on the face. Laces always take a lot more love but are worth it every time… so I try to really give them killer one-of-a-kind stones. I happened to have this little beauty sitting all alone. I had forgotten I had made and extra design in silver and decided this would be the perfect collection to put her in. Cosmic Lace is inspired by the traditional Victorian method of hand tatting lace. Durable laces were formed using a series of knots and loops, typically made by either a small handheld shuttle or needle. The earliest recording of tatting lace is dated back to 1859 so is thought to have originated some time in the early 1800s. It is thought that tatting may have developed from the decorative rope work and netting sailors would put together for their women. In metaphysical circles, knots are widely incorporated into magical workings to bind positive manifestations or to unbind negativity. Within the tiny knots of Cosmic Lace you will see swirling flowers filled with stars.

  • This design has been paired with a beautiful and unique Trapiche Amethyst rose cut. True Trapiche stones are rare because they require very specific geological conditions in which to form. Trapiche Amethyst is rare and also a fairly recent discovery, which means we are still unlocking its secrets today. The term “trapiche” refers to the wheel-like formation within the stone, but to me it looks like the burst of a thistle. These rose cuts were curated especially for my rollerball necklaces from a GIA-Certified supplier. Continue reading to lean more about Trapiche Amethyst and it’s metaphysical properties!

The Mini Queen is a style designed with size in mind! I get tons of requests for a miniature version of my signature crystal rollerballs so this style was specifically made for you. All the beauty of a crystal packed into the smallest rollerball possible, Mini Queens are full of intricate detail. Just in case you’re wondering, this new style is fully interchangeable with any Bead and Bones bottles should you wish to upsize just a little!

The Crystal featured on this Rollerball Necklace is Amethyst. Crystals and stones found within my collections are gem-quality specimens curated by artisanal lapidaries and family operated mines. These crystals were curated especially for my rollerball necklaces.

The Rose Cut featured on this Rollerball Necklace is Trapiche Amethyst. Crystals and stones found within my collections are gem-quality specimens curated by artisanal lapidaries and family operated mines. These gemstones were curated especially for my rollerball necklaces by a GIA-certified supplier.

Trapiche Amethyst is a fairly recent discovery of extreme rarity. Since the geological conditions necessary to create these gems are uncommon, trapiches are some of the rarest specimens on Earth. A trapiche forms when geothermal waters meet a carbonaceous host rock and the chemicals released allow seed crystals to form. A type of zoning then occurs during mineral growth. The gem doesn’t grow along the rough edges but only on the smooth faces. This leads to the unique color formations that trapiche gems display. Amethyst was once called the “Gem of Fire” in ancient times because it was thought to contain the fire energy from the belly of the earth, an energy that is creative, passionate, and spiritual. In a way, the ancients were correct! In the metaphysical world, Amethyst connects with the Divine. It is thought the deeper the hue, the higher the iron content, the stronger the connection. This connection is what makes Amethyst the ideal stone for creatives, often even being called the Artist’s Stone.

Rollerball Necklaces are customizable in length and coupled with a sterling silver chain. Chains feature a .925 diamond cut. Full Metal Rollerball Necklaces come with a 2ml bottle wrapped in solid silver. Necklaces arrive with a roller since oils are the most common use, but are entirely optional and can be sealed with anything of your choosing! Necklaces are further customizable by removing the roller from the bottle and many customers have opted to use their necklaces for keepsakes, specimens, or memorials.  Bottles are shown with an inert carrier, but essential oils are not included. Rollerball necklaces are refillable and coupled with a refill/care kit. If you would like to purchase more bottles in other sizes or colors find glass bottles here or consider adding extra crystal energy with a gemstone roller bottle here. Full Metal pieces are interchangeable with any bottle or necklace from Bead and Bones.

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Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in
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