Night Witch 2021




Hawkmoth originally made its debut in 2017 back when I was electroforming! The Death’s-head Hawkmoth represents the cycles of nature, vulnerability, transformation, and resurrection. While out on an early Autumn walk when the nights were still warm, I ran face-first into a giant Hawkmoth since there was no moonlight for either of us to see. Of course I immediately checked on the gentle creature and was delighted to find it unharmed and with the iconic skull on it’s back. It trembled on a pale Peony looking for the moon. I took it as a sign an immortalized the moment in metal. Just a few short months later I started silversmithing and haven’t looked back. The Hawkmoth is meant to signify great change and I sincerely hope it brings to you the same enormous transformations.

Nocturnal has long been my most sought after design. There is something very magical about Nocturnal. The artwork features my signature coniferous forest inspired by my childhood in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Dark forests under a moonlit sky tends to evoke a sentimental feeling of nostalgia in our hearts. Maybe its something primal or maybe it reminds us of more carefree times as children. This design tends to remind people of someone special, a special place, or a special moment in time. It’s truly the most astounding feeling to hear you connect with my artwork in the ways that you have because it is literally a piece of my own personal magic– a piece of my heart. I find my greatest peace in the hours of the night and have found my most favorite experiences (like stargazing) and animals (like owls, bats, and foxes) to be Nocturnal… kind of like me! Nocturnal expresses the unique beauty of nighttime and my profound love for her creations.

Evergreen features a beautiful pinecone in my signature technique. The artwork is a conifer sprig with Pinecone, which is the perfect representation of the Fibonacci sequence found in nature. The Fibonacci sequence, or Golden Spiral, is associated with Sacred Geometry. Furthermore, the pinecone is one of the most ancient forms of plant life found on earth. Pinecones symbolize Human Enlightenment, representing both the Third Eye and Pineal Gland (the center of dreams).

Woodland is directly inspired by my home in the Rocky Mountains. I absolutely live for the Autumn months and they tend to stretch into well into December. Our Summers run late and our Fall is crisp in the high Mountains. The hills are literally filled with Anemones and Blanket Flowers during the late Fall months; shades of yellow, white, and red envelop the hills while colorful matching Aspen sprinkle the Forest. If you’re lucky enough… white-tailed deer can be spotted in the moonlight.

Vintage Lace is a brand new design for my Lace series! Every collection features a different Lace, which are hands-down my most desired designs ever. The Laces almost always sell out before any other piece. Each Lace is inspired by the theme and typically features hidden imagery. Laces are seamless, highly detailed, and always feature a stone on the face. Laces always take a lot more love but are worth it every time… so I try to really give them killer one-of-a-kind stones. Vintage Lace is inspired by the Carrickmacross Guipere lace. In unusual lace was developed in Ireland at the turn of the 19th century with the development of the machine bobinette. Overcast cordonnets outlined floral motifs on a transparent background. The motifs were then joined with thread bars in a “guipere” fashion, and fillings were made within the flower petals and leaves. In metaphysical circles, knots are widely incorporated into magical workings to bind positive manifestations or to unbind negativity. Within the tiny knots of tatted lace you will see hearty fall flowers and autumnal leaves.



Rutilated Quartz is a type of Quartz Crystal with a major ore of Titanium called Rutile trapped inside. The Rutile formations are typically gold, copper, or black in color and resemble sparkling metallic hairs. Rutilated Quartz is found in several places globally but of all viable suppliers the absolute highest collector quality comes from Brazil. The rarest of all rutile formations, Star Rutile, is found almost exclusively in Brazil for example. Star Rutile is so incredibly rare because it grows in a stunning starburst with a glittering hematite center and it’s very hard to cut for jewelry. Because of the incredible desirability of Brazilian Rutilated Quartz, many of the mines depleted long ago were reopened recently. With new technology, the very last of the rare Rutilated Quartz is being extracted but is also quickly dwindling. Yes, that means that top-grade Brazilian Rutilated Quartz is uniquely available for a short period of time and will then be gone forever. Fortunately for us, my supplier flies directly to the mines in Brazil and lets me have first pick from the very best stones. In Metaphysical circles, it is thought that Rutilated Quartz combines both properties of Titanium Rutile and Quartz, which also amplify each other. Titanium Rutile possesses enormous power and strength, connecting it to the energy of Mars. Because of its enormous power as a conductor, it protects very well against negative energy and can bring a wide spectrum of light and energy to your aura. Eternally trapped inside the amplifying and white light energy of Quartz crystal, Rutilated Quartz possesses a unique synergistic combination. Rutilated Quartz is said to assist manifestation, intuition, emotional catharsis, psychic opening, consciousness expansion, and inter-dimensional travel. It attunes our Higher Self and reveals to us that which does not serve us. Rutilated Quartz is an excellent crystal for manifestation. It can be used to magnify the energy of practically any intention or affirmation with energy vibrating along the Rutile threads like electricity through wires.

Dominican Amber is produced from trees around 25-30 million years ago and is highly desired for its intense blue fluorescence. However, Dominican Amber is actually found in various colours, with yellow and honey fairly common, but it can also be red and green in smaller quantities. Dominican Amber is extremely rare compared to Baltic Amber. Although all Dominican amber is fluorescent, the rarest amber is Blue Amber. (Blue Amber turns blue in natural direct sunlight or any other ultraviolet light whereas other Dominican ambers fluoresce only with the aide of a blacklight). In UV light Dominican amber has a very strong blue reflection while Baltic amber exhibits a faint green fluorescence. Only about 220lbs of Dominican Amber is found per year, which makes it valuable and expensive. These particular specimens contain small plant particulates collected from ancient trees.

Natural Citrine have a mysterious olivine gold color, gem-quality clarity, feature interesting smoky phantoms, and are rare. Most material being commercially sold as “citrine” is actually in fact heat-treated Amethyst. Artificial citrine is very easy to spot, however. The high heat required to change colors from violet to yellow typically cause a great deal of crackling, resulting in an opaque stone with deep gold to bright yellow hues. (While Natural Citrine can be found in stunning shades of bright gold and sunny yellow, these stones would be considered premium top grade and would also be reflected in the price). Natural Citrine that is more accessible is typically olive, taupe, or deep gold in color. The Natural Citrine found in Night Witch are either completely clear or have beautiful chevron phantom formations. These crystals are completely raw which can include small natural flaws, but were otherwise polished by the Earth herself. Natural Citrine is thought in metaphysical circles to promote motivation, activate creativity, and encourage self-expression. It is also believed to be emotionally balancing and attract wealth, prosperity, and success.

Quartz Crystal is not only my most frequently requested stone of all time, but it is also my personal favorite! It pairs beautifully with everything and is thought to enhance the energy of anything within its proximity. In metaphysical circles, Quartz Crystal is considered to be a prism for pure, white light energy. It harnesses and refracts all spectrums of the rainbow! Clear Quartz in combination with any stone amplifies its effects. Quartz is thought to work within all chakras and is ideal for manifestation, amplification, and emotional healing. Meditating with Quartz Crystal is believed to cleanse negativity and attune your highest self.