Mountain Witch 2022




Mystic Mountains is one of my most requested designs and this year features a brand new family of deer and soaring raven messenger. Peaceful mountains and rich forests under a moonlit sky tends to evoke a sentimental feeling of nostalgia in our hearts. This design tends to remind people of someone special, a special place, or a special moment in time. That is why I’ve included a stag with his mate and fawn, to symbolize family, and a raven as a symbol of protection. It’s truly the most astounding feeling to hear you connect with this artwork in the ways that you have because it is literally a piece of my home– a piece of my heart. My little studio sits in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and April is always a very magical experience. We experience both spring and winter in the same month, often finding vibrant spring buds peeking through a sparkling blanket of white snow. It feels a bit like Narnia! Mystic Mountains expresses the unique beauty of the Rockies and my profound love for them.

Night Owl is one of my personal favorite designs and features two layers of my specialized signature artwork technique. The artwork is a stunning owl soaring across a starlit sky. A full moon shines behind her spread wings. This specific design was inspired by a personal experience early one night just after dusk. I had never seen an owl in the wild despite having grown up in both Washington and Colorado. I had the honor of witnessing a solitary owl mid hunt as a bruise of dark clouds began to fill with stars. The following week my little business began taking off… literally. Symbolically, the owl represents transformation, wisdom, and change. Often associated with magic, mysticism, and witchcraft, the owl embodies the supernatural transformation associated with the cycles of birth, death, and spiritual evolution. May the artwork of Night Owl bring you all the luck my real-life Night Owl did.

Dreamer is a stunning design made for the stargazers and moon lovers who stare up at the sky every night. Dreamer is also the very first rollerball necklace design I ever made! It’s the classic. Stars symbolize protection and positivity, emanating pure white light. Fluffy clouds symbolize dreams, celestial realms, and inner consciousness. A waxing crescent moon symbolizes divine feminine energy while encouraging the first steps toward manifestation. When the moon is in her first waxing phase, she is beginning her journey to wholeness. It is ideal to begin new projects, start new adventures, or tackle something challenging during this celestial time. Dreamer is a little slice of your own personal sky, where you can carry the reminder that there is no limit to your dreams.

Mountain Lace features my hands-down top selling signature Lace artwork. Every month I create a brand-new Lace design, each inspired by the theme. Laces are seamless, highly detailed, and always feature a stone on the face. Laces always take a lot more love but are worth it every time… so I try to really give them killer one-of-a-kind stones. To most, the snow would give way to rain but here in the Rockies… April snow showers bring delicate spring flowers! I’ve noticed the bravest blossoms are often Grape Hyacinth, vibrant Spring Beauty Crocus, and tiny Western Blue Flax. Drawing inspiration from the spring flowers, I’ve paired Mountain Lace with Periwinkle shades of Tanzanite, Australian Boulder Opal, and the flashiest Moonstones I’ve ever seen. Many of the stones have been carved by a local artisan into stunning delicate spring blooms and moons because there is no such thing as “extra” in my vocabulary. The artwork of Mountain Lace will remind you of melting ice giving way to delicate flowers, indicative of early spring in the Rockies. You will simply be blown away by the amount of perfect detail packed into such a small package.


Blue Lace Agates within the Mountain Witch collection are exceptionally rich and banded in shades of pastel pastel blue and indigo. These Blue Lace Agate have been cut and polished by artisans to achieve their beautiful crystalline shape. Blue Lace Agate is a very rare crystal because it is actually a variety of blue banded Chalcedony thought to have been completely mined out! A recent discovery of it in South America allowed me the unique opportunity to obtain some of it for you. While you may see Blue Lace Agate this year at the gem shows, sources are finite so get it while you can!! Blue Lace Agate combines the properties of Agate and Chalcedony, which makes it a uniquely calming and peaceful stone. According to metaphysical thought, Blue Lace Agate is the pinnacle stone of communication. It is believed that the oceanic formations found within promote circulation between emotion, energy, and physical. Helping us to connect to our whole being, Blue Lace Agate can aid communication in both a literal and internal sense.

Moonstones within the Mountain Witch collection exhibit a premium top-quality flash, selected specifically for their superior grade. Each features either a stunning moon face or moonflower blossom surrounded with leaves carved by local artisans. Moonstone was a very popular choice for jewelry during the Art Nouveau movement, which you will know I drawn big inspiration from. In Metaphysical terms, Moonstone is the quintessential stone for personal growth and strength. It is thought to soothe anxiety and stress, enhance intuition, promote inspiration, and inspire success in love and business matters. Moonstone is also thought to be closely associated with the Moon, giving it a particular divine feminine energy. In many cultures, Moonstone is thought to enhance intuition and even divination.

Tanzanite within the Mountain Witch collection are exceptionally rich in color and incredibly rare. Tanzanite is projected to be completely mined out by 2022 and is becoming one of the most sought after among collectors. The Tanzanite featured in Mountain Witch are cut into either rose cuts or tiny carved blossoms by local artisans. Originally discovered by the Masai tribe, it was later popularized by Tiffany and Company at the turn of the century. In geological terms, that makes Tanzanite a very recent discovery. In Metaphysical terms, Tanzanite is believed to access higher consciousness and enhance intuition and perception. It is commonly thought to be a good stone to wear for anxiety, stress, clarity, focus, and inspiring peace. Due to the high vibrational rate of the stone, some believe that Tanzanite enhances youthfulness and vitality. In many cultures, it is thought that because Tanzanite takes such intense heat to bring forth this stone’s full potential that it also has the ability to bring forth the wearers’ full potential and help them fully realize the alternate side of their personality.

Quartz Crystal is not only my most frequently requested stone of all time, but it is also my personal favorite! It pairs beautifully with everything and is thought to enhance the energy of anything within its proximity. In metaphysical circles, Quartz Crystal is considered to be a prism for pure, white light energy. It harnesses and refracts all spectrums of the rainbow! Clear Quartz in combination with any stone amplifies its effects. Quartz is thought to work within all chakras and is ideal for manifestation, amplification, and emotional healing. Meditating with Quartz Crystal is believed to cleanse negativity and attune your highest self.

Opal is a mineraloid, meaning it is neither crystal nor mineral but rather a special subclass of silicate with a high water content. Not all Opals exhibit a rainbow color play but precious gemstone does. This unique rainbow effect is made only possible by it’s unusual mineraloid structure. The more intense and varied the rainbow within an Opal is the more valuable. Australian Boulder Opal is typically cut to either include a pocket of opal within the ironstone host stone or left with a backing of ironstone host stone to create a stronger opal with a stunning opaque background. In ancient times, Opal was referred to as the “Queen of Gems” exhibiting colors of the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald in one. It was highly prized and considered to bring great luck. In metaphysical communities, Opal is thought to act as an aura prism by attracting a full spectrum of Light energy. With an infusion of positive energy, Opal activates joy, optimism, enthusiasm, passion, and creativity. Opal is considered a gemstone of love, is thought to enhance cosmic consciousness and stimulate intuition, while also providing deep protection for meditation and spiritual journeys. Containing a large molecular structure of water content makes Opal an emotionally intuitive stone that will reflect the emotions of the wearer.

Opalite is a opalescent glass with great historical value. The crystal is a dreamy transparent aqua and pale green with a gold and pink color shift. All crystals feature my specialty custom-fit bezel that has been meticulously faceted to create a perfect and permanent straight sided fit. Opalite is unique in the fact that it is a glass of historical significance rather than a mineral. It is often known as Opalite, Moon Glass, or Tiffany Stone. Opalite became widely popularized during the late 1800s and was frequently featured in high end jewelry, clothing, and Tiffany glasswork, which is where where it derived the popular moniker “Tiffany Stone”. Opalite today is still widely used, including in metaphysical work. It is thought to promote spiritual communication with the inner self, aiding with transition and persistence.