Lunar Witch Rollerball Necklaces

Lunar Witch Essential Oil Necklaces by Bead and Bones

Learn all about the inspiration behind my most recent collection of essential oil necklaces, Lunar Witch. Raise your hand if you’re a lunatic! The first supermoon of the year lands in the month of March. It is most commonly referred to as the Full Worm Moon, alternately the Full Sap Moon. Either are in reference to the earliest spring months, when the ground first thaws enough to accommodate earthworms and the sap begins to move inside the trees. Supermoons occur when the moon’s orbit is at its closest point to the Earth. You can catch the first supermoon of 2020 on March 9th. Grab your crystals, ladies! It’s time to do some moonlight charging.

Moonstruck with Fluorite Rollerball Necklaces

Rollerball Necklace with Rainbow Fluorite

The Lunar Witch Inspiration

Moon rituals are both ancient and sacred. Evidence of moon worship can be found in ancient civilizations across the world. Basically the entire world is a little moon obsessed! The new and full moon phases are traditionally thought of as the most powerful. The moon, symbolizing femininity, reflects the light of the sun and illuminates us. When the moon is fullest, its strong gravitational pull on the Earth makes the ideal time for creative energy. Full moons are nourishing. It’s about manifestation. The full moon is an ideal time for charging, cleansing, and realigning energy. Leaving your crystals out to bathe in the moonlight restores their natural energies. Asking the universe for what you want can reveal new pathways. Cleansing your space during a full moon lets go of what no longer serves you. Be sure to go outside and let the moonlight touch your skin!

Lunar Lace with Fluorite Essential Oil Necklaces

Rollerball Necklace with Fluorite

Metaphysical Properties of Fluorite
Fluorite, above all, is a stone for clarity. Fluorite absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress. Due to its clarifying properties, Fluorite makes an excellent learning aid. Fluorite increases our powers of concentration, self-confidence, and mental clarity. It encourages positivity, balances the energies, and protects the wearer. Each color within fluorite exhibits different properties and blends all the benefits together. Green fluorite assists intuition, absorbs excess energies, and is used to cleanse the chakras. Blue fluorite strengthens connections between the spiritual and physical, enhances clear communication, and intuition. Purple Fluorite tunes psychic intuition and works within the third eye chakra. Clear Fluorite works within the crown chakra and helps to unify all the properties within. Fluorite’s intense manifestation energy, cleansing properties, and protective nature make it the ideal crystal to pair with a collection dedicated to the moon.

Moonstruck with Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite Rollerball Necklace

About Moonstruck

First of the designs in the Lunar Witch collection is Moonstruck. Moonstruck was made especially for the moon-crazed! Featuring a stunning moon phase, this rollerball necklace features a Rainbow Fluorite crystal. No two crystals are the same, each with dazzling colors. Studded with stars and realistic moons, the Moonstruck rollerball necklaces are one of my personal favorites. You will be amazed at the details!

Crystal Ritual with Fluorite

About Stargazer

Stargazer is the next in the Lunar Witch collection. This design was make especially for my crystal goddesses, the ladies who just can’t pass up a pretty mineral! Beautiful faceted crystals wrap around these essential oil necklaces like a collection of crystals being cleansed in the starlight.

Lunar Lace with Fluorite

Fluorite Rollerball Necklace

About Lunar Lace

Next design in the lineup is Lunar Lace. This design is packed full of hippie nostalgia. Based on the beautiful lace designs of vintage Gunne Sax dresses from the 1960’s. Paired with trippy tie-dye like Fluorites and rose cut cabochons reminiscent of paisley. Lunar Lace is available either with or without fringe, depending on your level of bohemian queen.

Crystal Ritual with Fluorite

Rollerball Necklace with Fringe

How To Get My Rollerball Necklaces

Bead and Bones makes everything meticulously by hand. Every stone is personally curated, each design begins life as a hand drawn work of art. Crystals require a custom-fit bezel. All seams are flawlessly removed. Solder joins are nearly imperceptible. Collections have been known to sell out in minutes and only 1-2 collections are produced within a month. I give exclusive early access to members of The Coven newsletter. Join today and get notifications about the next upcoming collection!