Each day I receive a ton of messages from potential customers, fans, and other artists who aspire to build businesses like my own. Since I still run everything solo I try to address some of the most frequently asked questions with videos or posts, that way as many people as possible can see it. With many silversmiths aspiring to create rollerball necklaces of their own, I have tried to distill one of my most complex techniques into a more approachable method and put it in a YouTube video!

My rollerball caps are permanently hammer set into their sterling silver housings. This ensures that my work never comes apart because the edge of the silver itself is beveled over the cap, much like how a cabochon would be set. I realize that this technique is very difficult to replicate and I will caution new smiths that attempting this improperly will yield puckered results. Instead, I would like to introduce you to the finest and strongest 2-part epoxy used in Jewelry. This adhesive is widely used among fine jewelers, particularly for pearls. Check out the video below to hear all about it: