How do I buy?

Since my work sells out so fast, buying from my shop is a little different! You will need to join The Coven mailing list to get restock notifications, reminders along the way, time zone converters, and a special access link the second any new pieces are available. Click here to join!

What are these? What’s in them? What can I put in them?

My customers have been calling them Rollerball Necklaces for years, but they are based on the decorative perfume bottles of Victorian Chatelaines. I demonstrate them with an inert carrier oil to help get the concept across, but they arrive empty and read to fill with whatever you like. You are absolutely able to put whatever you want in them.. they are literally wearable bottles!

Can these be used for memorials/sensitive materials?

Absolutely. I am always honored and there are many of pieces currently guarding loved ones or precious mementos. I highly recommend my Full Metal pieces in particular, which feature a metal encased bottle. All bottle arrive with a roller since that is the most common use, but bottles can be fitted with corks or stoppers should you require a more permanent seal by visiting your local hardware or craft store.

Why is your shop empty?

My shop is empty because my work sells out lightning fast! New collections rarely last longer than a day and are known to disappear in minutes. Not to worry, though! If you join The Coven mailing list I will send you tons of tips and tools to help you get one of my signature rollerball necklaces.

How does your shop work?

Every month I create a collection based around a theme and crystal. Collections are (mostly) annual, meaning you will see designs once a year. Due to the unique nature of crystals, however, the featured stones often change so if you are drawn to a collection in particular— don’t wait!

How often/When do you restock?

I try my very best to have one large restock at least once a month. Bead and Bones is growing super fast so the current typical collection size is about 20 – 40 pieces. Dates vary month to month but will always be on a Friday.

Do you do customs?

I am truly honored by the endless requests for customs because that means you really love my work. However, since Bead and Bones is still a one-woman business, I am unable to accommodate customs while offering monthly collections. You keep me busy and I appreciate it immensely!

What are your prices?

Prices typically range from $200 – $1,200 depending on design, style, time, and materials. Visit the FAQs on my Instagram for a full list of styles and pricing.

Do you offer payment plans, pre-sales, or reservations?

To keep things as fair and simple as possible, I do not. Payment plans would be very hard to manage myself and third-party companies have their own terms of service. I do realize I have customers in different time zones so I will always release collections on a Friday!

Do you ship worldwide?

I currently ship to all regions located within the United States and Canada. For years I proudly shipped worldwide but due to recent changes made to import laws and available shipping services I am currently not able to offer international shipping. I know… I’m just as sad as you are, but I will continue to monitor the situation.

How can I contact you?

Email. Your love and comments are EVERYTHING to me and I absolutely read each one, even if you don’t get a personal response. I do my best to reply to comments whenever I can! I do not read or respond to DMs, PMs, or any other messengers. If you need to get in direct contact with me, send me an email located on my website! Right now I am a one-woman army, which can make answering emails individually very difficult. To make things easier I have publicly posted answers to all the most frequently asked questions on both my website and social media. Please be aware I receive dozens of emails and messages daily. If you’ve written me an email and have yet to hear a reply, the information you’ve requested is mostly likely publicly posted in my FAQs. Occasionally I do miss an email so if you ever feel that’s the case, please follow up with me!

What size are your bottles?

Most rollerball necklaces will come with your choice of 1ml, 2ml, or 3ml bottles. Fringe/Queen rollerball necklace are designed to fit only 2ml bottles. Mini rollerball necklaces include a 1ml bottle with purchase but will fit any size Bead and Bones bottles.

Do you offer colored glass?

Yes! If you would like a pop of color for aesthetic reasons or maybe for a little UV protection, I offer both Cobalt and Amber glass along with Clear.

How long are your chains?

That is up to you! I offer chains ranging from 20″ – 30″ and each rollerball necklace comes adjusted to your specified length.

Do you work in gold/brass?

Occasionally, but its actually a bit more work (and different tooling) than silver so I often don’t have the time!

Do you do wholesale?

Nope. My work is high demand and labor intensive. I don’t do wholesale orders but I appreciate the requests all the same.