How do I buy?

My shop is almost always bare because my work sells out very quickly. You will need to join The Coven email list in order to get a rollerball necklace! Members get one-hour early access. Click Here To Join

What is The Coven?

It is my email list! Membership is free. You will get restock notifications, reminders along the way, and one-hour early access to new collections! Click Here To Join

How does early access work?

I will announce an official release date and time for all new collections. On that date you will receive a VIP access link in your email which allows you to shop one hour before the rest of the world.

How many members are in The Coven?

There are now 3,750+ members in The Coven! Thank you all for joining! More members does also mean more competition for the piece that you want so be sure to set reminders!

What are your prices?

My prices typically range from $200-$600 depending on materials and time! If you’d like a full list of my styles and pricing, check out my Instagram!

Do you offer payment plans, pre-sales, or reservations?

I do not. It would be very hard for me to manage. In the interest of fairness all pieces are first come first serve! I do realize some of my customers are in other parts of the world, so I do try to have collections near the weekend.

Do you do customs?

I do not. I sincerely appreciate the overwhelming interest people have in obtaining a custom from me but I am unable to produce collections while offering custom work.

Do you ship worldwide?

I ship to all countries and states located within the United States, Canada, the United Kingdoms, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand! If you’re outside one of these countries, email me for available shipping options.

How can I contact you?

If you need to get a hold of me urgently or regarding an order/business, please email me! My address can be found with the link in my bio.

While I do try to respond to DMs on Instagram, I do get 1-2 DOZEN messages daily on IG alone. I get behind sometimes and always appreciate your patience!

Facebook messages are unmonitored with an auto response which provides better contact links.

If you still have a burning question for me, send me a email (I will do my best to answer questions over the next few days) Email: hello@beadandbones.com