Cosmic Witch Ametrine Rollerball Necklaces by Bead and Bones

Learn all about the inspiration behind my most recent collection of rollerball necklaces featuring Larimar, Opalite, and Moonstone… Mountain Witch. Mountain Witch draws inspiration from the early spring months of my home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. When the very first green buds appear the mountains all around me are still kissed with snow. Small blizzards have even happened as late as May. It is a rare and striking beauty when stubborn blossoms burst through frozen patches. Icy blues of Larimar, Opalite, and blue-flash Moonstone combine perfectly with the mountains, magic, and moons of Mountain Witch.

Dreamer with Ametrine Rollerball Necklaces

The Mountain Witch Inspiration

My incredible collections begin with incredible crystals. For this collection, I have personally hand-curated each stone. Selected for rarity, quality, color, and flash you will fall in love with my crystals. Larimar is a rare mineral found only in one part of the entire world… and I’ve never seen it cut into crystals before! These in particular may never be available again. Opalite was selected for its historical and metaphysical significance as well as haunting colors. It can be quite difficult to find cut into small crystals due to being an opalescent glass rather than mineral. Each Moonstone is exceptional A Grade quality, selected for their superior blue flash.

Spellbound Lace with Ametrine Rollerball Necklaces

Rollerball Necklace with Ametrine

Metaphysical Properties of Larimar, Opalite, and Moonstone
Larimar is an extremely rare gemstone found only in the province of Barahona in the Dominican Republic. These crystals were curated especially for my rollerball necklaces. Larimar is thought to facilitate outer manifestation through inner wisdom. It is also thought to possess incredible healing energies with peace, love, and clarity. Opalite is unique in the fact that it is a glass of historical significance rather than a mineral. It is often known as Opalite, Moon Glass, or Tiffany Stone. Opalite became widely popularized during the late 1800s and was frequently featured in high end jewelry, clothing, and Tiffany glasswork, which is where where it derived the popular moniker “Tiffany Stone”. Opalite today is still widely used, including in metaphysical work. It is thought to promote spiritual communication with the inner self, aiding with transition and persistence. Moonstone is thought to enable renewal, aiding inner strength and personal growth. Moonstone enhances calmness which promotes inspiration and success.

Zodiac with Ametrine Rollerball Necklaces

Ametrine Rollerball Necklace

About Magic Potion

The Crystal Ball rollerball necklace features an antique “label” styled after 1800s ephemera. Ephemera means memorabilia saved for artistic merit that was not intended to last. It typically refers to print material, or in this case apothecary bottles. This crystal ball rollerball necklace is part of the Mountain Witch collection by Bead and Bones. It features a magical Aquamarine crystal ball. The sphere was drilled by hand then permanently post set in the style of fine pearls. A decorative base adds to the design while also providing extra strength. The Aquamarine has opaque swirls of light blue. Two vintage brass hands dance above the crystal ball. The fringe is made with mixed metal chains of sterling silver and brass, each tipped with a tiny charm. Gold charms are 14k gold vermeil.

Moonlit Mountains with Opalite

About Moonlit Mountains

The Moonlit Mountains fringe rollerball necklace features artwork inspired by my home high in the Rocky Mountains. Combined with the icy colors of Larimar, this necklace feels like something ancient and magical. This rollerball necklace is part of the Mountain Witch collection by Bead and Bones. It features an incredibly rare Larimar crystal that looks like a tiny snow-capped mountain. The design is a continuous panorama of the Rockies, pine forest, star kissed sky, and silver crescent moon. Each mountain slope was painted and polished with patina by hand to create a soft watercolor effect. You will feel the love I have for these mountains in this piece.

Handmade Lace with Larimar

About Handmade Lace

Handmade Lace is an essential oil Rollerball Necklace with Moonstone featuring a beautiful wrap-around design inspired by antique handmade lace. Combined with the stellar colors of Opalite and premium Moonstone, this necklace has a decidedly mystical flair. This rollerball necklace is part of the Mountain Witch collection by Bead and Bones. It features a stunning Opalite crystal that color shifts from pale blue and green to gold and pink. The design is a continuous piece of handmade inspired lace with decorative mandala and floral elements.  Set upon the face is a gorgeous A grade moonstone cabochon with incredible fire and flash. A simple band of hammer set silver wraps around the stone, followed by a beaded boarder. The complimentary stones on Handmade Lace make for a truly stunning rollerball necklace pairing.

Magic Potion with Larimar Rollerball Necklaces

How To Get My Rollerball Necklaces

Bead and Bones makes everything meticulously by hand. Every stone is personally curated, each design begins life as a hand drawn work of art. Crystals require a custom-fit bezel. All seams are flawlessly removed. Solder joins are nearly imperceptible. Collections have been known to sell out in minutes and only 1-2 collections are produced within a month. I give exclusive early access to members of The Coven newsletter. Join today and get notifications about the next upcoming collection!

Cosmic Witch Ametrine Rollerball Necklaces