Rollerball Necklace Care

Mindfully Made

The Bead and Bones Promise

You might have noticed I’m all about the details and I believe in treating my customers the way I would like to be treated. When your Bead and Bones piece arrives, it includes everything you’ll ever need to care for your new piece! Each part of your order was put together using mindful materials— from the packaging to the treasures inside.

Let’s take a look at what makes Bead and Bones so special.

Care Kit

Included with Every Order

Inside your Bead and Bones package you will find a black velvet travel bag with everything you need to care for your new piece!

  • Polishing Square Tarnish is an inevitable part of life, but when your piece needs a polish gently rub it in one direction with your polishing square.
  • Glass Dropper The glass dropper is reusable and will last much longer than plastic alternatives! For best suction, pull the bulb off and dip the end in a little water then put the bulb back on. Simply reuse for refills.
  • Bottle Key Please note, bottles keys have been out of stock since the beginning of the Pandemic and I am not sure when I might be able to get more in. Many online shops are having a hard time with anything supplied from China. I am currently looking in to finding US-Made options!

Cleaning & Care

To Clean Your Pieces

All precious metals, with the exception of gold, will oxidize with air exposure. Tarnish is both easily prevented and removed. There are three ways which work best to prevent tarnish; seal your pieces when not in use, wear often, and polish gently. Each order comes with a polishing square. Gently buff in one direction. Do not scrub or use circular motions. Once polishing squares are full of tarnish, they should be replaced. I highly recommend Blue Sunshine Polishing cloths, which are easily found online. For a video tutorial, click here. To clean your rollerball necklaces from oils, use mild soap and water. Gently blot with soft cloth to dry.

Using Carrier Oils

Read Safety Tips

Carrier oils are necessary when using any essential oil directly on the skin. My personal favorites are sweet almond and jojoba, not fractionated coconut oil. FCO is very fluid and not as viscous, thus it can tend to leak. Essential oils are pure plant extracts and can be downright caustic in some instances. Always be sure to dillute your essential oils before adding to your new necklace. Neat oils (especially citrus, pine, frankincense, etc.) can literally eat plastic, so please don’t use them on your precious skin! For a video on dilution, click here.

Shipping Materials

Eco Friendly and Recyclable

Your pieces are double boxed for maximum shipping security. The outer box, paper packing tape, and crinkle fill are 100% from recycled, recyclable, and from ecoenclose— a company completely dedicated to eco friendly packaging. When you purchase from Bead and Bones, you are purchasing from someone who believes that businesses are an important part to reducing our carbon footprint.


Luxury Foil Stamping

Your new piece is nestled on a black velvet lining inside a beautiful foil stamped box. Each is professionally printed on eco-friendly boxes. Your box also doubles as a tarnish resistant storage option. A reusable silica packet sits in the bottom of the box, wicking away moisture. The beads inside the packet will change from orange to green once the beads are oversaturated. Simply heat the packet in a microwave for a few seconds until the beads are once again orange.

Printed Goodies

Artists Supporting Artists

Whenever possible, I like to support small-batch makers and artists like myself. Your Bead and Bones rollerball necklace comes with my business card for sharing the love, a thank you card with care tips directing you to this page, and an adorable collectable sticker as a token of my gratitude. The artwork for my sticker was produced by the talented Trinity of Entheoequidae and produced by my favorite women-led printers @towerpress.